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For booking and other inqueries, please contact Katelyn for more information.

Motivational Presentation:

As a visually impaired vocalist and speaker, I desire to share my life journey and musical expertise through a mixture of story and song, drawing from over 15 years of classical training including a Master of Music graduating with honors from Carnegie Mellon University. While I share how I overcome obstacles, soar beyond limitations, and reach for my goals, I intersperse a variety of pieces from opera to jazz which help tell my story. I encourage all in attendance to overcome the obstacles in their own lives, never give up, raise expectations for what is possible, and defy society’s limits. Though my visual impairment is perhaps more visible, we all struggle with challenges in our lives, but we can learn to surmount the obstacles that limit us from reaching our dreams. Additionally, I am available to give vocal masterclasses specializing in lyric diction and sound production.

My message is relevant to everyone. I present for disability organizations, health professionals, schools (higher education and K-12) for events such as convocations or seminars, churches, charities, and many other organizations looking for a speaker to inspire and motivate their employees, guests, patrons, etc. All ages are welcome, and I cater the talking and music to young children, college students, families, seniors, and almost any group of people imaginable based on request. Nearly any venue would be appropriate, from concert halls to banquet rooms, classrooms to outdoor spaces.

This program can be adapted to run from 20 minutes to 1 hour plus in length.